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Show Offers

What Are Show Offers?

Show offers are a way for a customer to negotiate with a model with the goal of both parties coming to an agreement on the cost of a paid show.

Why would a model let me, the customer, dictate show parameters?

When you offer a show to a model you are guaranteeing that you will spend a fixed amount of time in a paid show. Lots of models are willing to adjust their price per minute down if they are guaranteed to make money during that time. Under normal circumstances the model never knows how long they will spend in a show, but with customer offers they know ahead of time!

How Do I Know If A Model Is Allowing Show Offers?

Not all models are able or want to accept show offers from customers. When you are in a room that is allowing show offers, you will see an icon on your user interface that says "show offers".

How it works:

First, you must be in a room where the model has elected to field offers from their customers. Once you're there, you must choose three things:

  • Show Length: the amount of time that you are guaranteeing that you will spend in a private show with the model
  • Show Rate: the number of credits per minute that you will pay during the show
  • Expiration time: the amount of time that you allow for the model to review your offer and choose to act on your offer.

Once you've chosen these three things, you submit your offer.

What happens after I offer a show to a model?

When you submit your offer the model will examine what you are offering. The model may accept or deny your offer. The model can also make a counter offer to your initial request which will be sent back to you for action. You have the same options on a counter offer that the model has with your offer: you can accept, decline or counter offer the model's offer. Once you and the model agree on terms, the show will start and you can get what you paid for!

What happens if I leave the show early?

When you offered a show to the model you guaranteed that you would spend a certain amount of time in the paid show, so the model still gets all the credits that you agreed to.

What happens if I don't want to leave the show after my time is up?

If you are really enjoying the show you can continue to stay in the show at the show rate you and the model agreed to for as long as you want (and your credit balance allows). That said, the model can choose to end the show at any point after the agreed upon show length has elapsed.

What happens if the model ends the show early?

If a model ends the show early, that's their fault. In this case, you will only be charged the rate you agreed to for the amount of time that you actually spent in the show.

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