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Two-Way Video Webcam


Cam2Cam is a completely free addition to any cam show!
  • Want to get more intimate with your favorite model? Then turn on your webcam and let them see and hear the real you! Our Cam2Cam feature is the best way to turn up the heat in your private shows and carry your relationships to new heights. And the best part? Cam2Cam is a completely free addition to any cam show!
  • While our standard members can enjoy Cam2Cam in private, our VIP Members can turn on their webcam in any show type! Private Show, Party Chat, Group Chat, and even in Free Public Chat! Become a VIP member and become the apple of your model's eye!
  • VIP members in an active Cam2Cam session can transition seamlessly between show types. There's no need to restart your feed when moving from Public Chat to Private or anywhere in-between.
  • Only the model has access to your feed. Other customers cannot see you, though they might hear you through your model's microphone.
Audio may not be available for all models.
Be sure to install updated software.
Best experience in Firefox, Chrome or Safari browsers.
You do not have the required Flash version installed

To enjoy this site you will need the Adobe® Flash plugin, version 8 or higher

Flash Player Click here to download the free Adobe® Flash plug-in

Once installed you will need to restart this browser window

Click "Allow" in the box above to test your webcam now.

Even if you are seeing your webcam video here please make sure to install the software & drivers for your webcam before going Private to avoid potential problems.

Cam2Cam Webcam Tester:

Test your webcam below to make sure Cam2Cam is functioning properly for you. For best results, we recommend conducting your Cam2Cam sessions through Chrome or Firefox. These browsers support the state-of-the-art, plug-in free WebRTC experience. If you're not using one of these browsers, Flash is still available.

Get Flash to see this player.

Cam2Cam Tester

Flash Player Settings: Click "Allow" then click "Close" to test cam.

Test WebRTC

Test your webcam using WebRTC here:

Step 1

Go to your browser's Advanced Settings:

chrome_cam2cam_step_1 chrome_cam2cam_step_1
Step 2

Under Privacy and Security, select Site Settings:

Step 3

Under Permissions, select Camera:

Step 4

Select which webcam you would like to use for Cam2Cam and allow the website to access your camera:

Test WebRTC

Test your webcam using WebRTC here:

Step 1

Open your Preferences:

Step 2

Select Privacy & Security:

Step 3
Under Permissions, select Settings next to Camera:
Step 4

Give the website permission to access your camera:

Test WebRTC

Test your webcam using WebRTC here:

Step 1

Navigate to Flirt4free homepage:

Step 2

Open Preferences and click Websites tab:

Step 3
Allow Pop-up Windows:
Step 4

Allow access to your camera:

Test WebRTC

Test your webcam using WebRTC here:

Step 1

Click menu at top right then click Settings:

Step 2

Click on Site Permissions in the left column:

Step 3

Turn off Block Pop-ups and Redirects with the toggle button:

Test WebRTC

Test your webcam using WebRTC here:

Step 1

Click menu at top right then click Settings:

Step 2

Click on Privacy and Security in the left column:

Step 3

Turn off Block Pop-ups and Redirects with the toggle button:

Frequent Questions

This is a feature available to all members during private shows. You can show the performer your webcam and talk to the performer if you have a microphone.

The performer will be able to see and hear you for as long as you are in the show. You can stop your camera at any time as well.
Any webcam or other video capture device attached to your computer should work if it is compatible with Flash.

You can verify that your camera and microphone work prior to entering a paid show with our Test Page.
VIP members can utilize Cam2Cam during all room states and show types except voyeur shows. Once you login to the show you will have the option to start broadcasting your webcam. Once you start streaming, a window will appear on the performer's interface with your live stream! Only the model will be able to access your video stream.

Note: VIPs will only be able to access Cam2Cam in all room states if they're using the plug-in free WebRTC option available with Firefox and Chrome. VIP members still using Flash plugins will only have Cam2Cam available during private and multi-user shows.

All other members can utilize Cam2Cam during private and multi-user shows.
If you're having trouble connecting to your model via Cam2Cam, and you're using a WebRTC browser (ie Chrome & Firefox), please make sure you've followed these steps:
1) Make sure that your webcam/microphone are properly connected. Your device MUST be connected BEFORE initiating a Cam2Cam session.
2) Make sure you have permitted your browser to access your webcam device. If you accidentally denied the browser's request for permission, it can be granted manually. Visit our Cam2Cam page. Three tabs beneath the Cam2Cam Webcam Tester header offer detailed instructions on how to manually permit your browser to access your cam and mic.

If you're using a browser that does not support WebRTC, please make sure you have followed these steps:
1) Download the latest Flash Player.
2) Make sure you click "Allow" or adjust your browser settings to permit Flash to run on our site.
3) If problems persist, we do recommend using either the Firefox or Chrome browsers for best results.

If you've followed these steps and are still unable to conduct a Cam2Cam session, please contact our technical support team for further assistance.
Most browsers support Cam2Cam. For optimal results, we recommend conducting your Cam2Cam session through Chrome or Firefox, as these browser use WebRTC (Real Time Communication) and require only your permission to access your cam and mic, without downloaded plugins. Other browsers will require the most recent version of Flash.
You must give these browsers explicit permission to access your webcam and mic. If you ignore or deny your browser's request for access, the Cam2Cam feature will not work. To grant these permissions manually, visit our Cam2Cam page. Under the Cam2Cam Webcam Tester header are 3 tabs of instructions for Firefox, Chrome, and Flash users. If the problem persists, please contact customer service.
For users not utilizing a WebRTC-capable browser, Flash will continue to be supported for your Cam2Cam sessions. To make sure you have the most recent version of the Flash plug-in, click here.
If you're experiencing delays during a Cam2Cam session, switching to the HTML 5 player should correct it. To do so, mouse over the player-type button in the bottom left corner of the model's video stream (just above the volume slider) and select the 5 icon.

If the problem persists, please contact or Customer Service team.
No matter which show-type you are in, only the model will have access to your Cam2Cam feed. Other customers will not be able to see you. However, if your microphone is live and active, it may be possible for other users to hear your audio reflected through the model's speakers in Multi-User paid shows .
Yes. Flash Cam2Cam is available to all registered users, but only in private shows. VIP members who wish to use Cam2Cam in other room states such as public chat or party chat must connect via Chrome or Firefox (ie. a WebRTC-capable browser).
The iPad Pro is unique in that its defaults to viewing the desktop version of the website,despite it technically being a mobile device. The desktop version of Cam2Cam uses a pop-up window, which the iPad Pro automatically blocks.

To use Cam2Cam on this device, you must manually set your device to view the mobile version of our site. If you click the AA button (located next to the url, as shown below) you can select the "Request Mobile Site" dropdown option. Once this change is made, the Cam2Cam mobile version will be available to use.

Browse Cam2Cam Performers

All of our live webcam performers are equipped to support two-way video shows. You can broadcast your video during a paid show in any show type except Voyeur and Semi-Private.

Valerii Doorn
Valerii Doorn
Start Cam2Cam Show
Oct. 11
Siamese Cat: hello
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